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Services Available

From performing basic vaccinations to emergency surgeries, we strive to be the veterinarians you call to provide services and advice, ensuring the health and productivity or your herd.

General Herd Health

We work with dairy owners and managers to design and implement ongoing herd health programs that include:

Calf health programs for optimal health and performance
Herd reproductive programs, utilizing the latest technologies, including fetal sexing
Treatment and vaccination protocols customized to fit the specific herd.
Analysis to help optimize housing and livestock health


A unique aspect of our practice, Waupun Veterinary Service offers consultative services in a variety of dairy management topics:

Employee training
Facilities design and trouble shooting
Ration balancing and nutritional troubleshooting
Youngstock Ventilation design
Animal husbandry and welfare

Records Analysis

Our experienced veterinarians can help you better understand and apply the information received from various dairy herd management systems, including:

Dairy Comp 305
PC Dart

Milk Quality Analysis

We help dairy producers provide the highest quality milk, by offering services such as:

Milk culturing
Milk records analysis
Mastitis treatment protocols
Milking procedure evaluation

Lab Work

Our laboratory team helps monitor herd health with:

Complete diagnostic testing capabilities
On site BioPRYN blood testing for pregnancy
USDA Certified Johne's testing
BVD testing
Neospora testing
CAE testing
Progesterone Testing