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Molly Rogus DVM

Molly Rogus, DVM

Molly Rogus grew up in her hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Although she grew up in suburbia Pennsylvania, she has a full and extensive background of dairy and equine experience from the past 8 years.

Dr. Molly is a new graduate receiving her bachelor of science degree from Cornell University. She received her bachelor of animal science degree from Penn State and spent a summer at a 70-cow tie-stall barn involved in every aspect of working on the dairy, which led her to study veterinary medicine.

In vet school, Dr. Molly spent three years working in the large animal hospital as a student technician learning what drugs and treatments to use for all large animals. She was also a student milker at the school's 150-cow dairy. Researching bovine reproduction took up a lot of her time at school and she even had a cow named after her.

Working with equine is also an interest of hers as she grew up riding horse and working on horse farms. In college she spent a summer with an equine vet specializing in reproduction.

When she's not focused on her veterinary work, Dr. Molly enjoys running, reading and baking. She is a proud owner of a small flock of chickens that traveled 913 miles in the car with her all the way from out east to her home by Ripon. One interesting fact is that she has a twin brother named, Dan, who lives in Virginia and helps build ships for the Navy.

Most importantly she does plan to cheer for the Packers but will change her loyalty when they play against the Eagles, even though we all know the Eagles will lose.

Molly Rogus, DVM